Anu-Rag School of Music



2017 Performances

  1. Shivanjali by Abhinaya: Kathak Tarana-March.
  2. Ugadi-Columbia: Vocal Hindustani and Kathak Dance-April.
  3. Lecture-Demonstrations on Kathak at a) Ladoo, b) Francis-Howell, c) Melhville, and Commerce Bank Asian Meet.
  4. Nritya Aur Saandhya Geeth: Kathak Dance by Guru Prerana Deshpande with Live Vocal Music by Guru Sandhya Pandurangi. May.
  5. Bollywood Blast: Local Talent Series in Film Music with Live Orchestra; August.
  6. Independence Celebrations: Group song for India Association.
  7. Bhaitak by Pt. Jayathirtha Mevundi: September.
  8. Dasara Bombe Mahotsava: Informal Group Singing for 3 days, September.
  9. Kathak Tarana for a) Marathi Mandal, b) Sangama and c) India Association.
  10. Annual Recital of Anu-Rag School of Music with grand finale by Priya Kannan.
  11. Coordinated and Participated in Guru-Vandana arranged by Sangeetha.
  12. Annual Piano Recital: East Marries West by St Louis Sisters.