Anu-Rag School of Music


Appreciation of Hindustani Music Nurtured by Sangeetha Rasikas, St Louis

Dr. Raghu Pandurangi: Assistance: Amoolya Raghu Pandurangi Saa Vidya Yaa Vimuktaye (That is THE Knowledge which Clears you from Ignorance to salvation) The two pillars of Indian Classical Music comprises of Hindustani (North Indian) and Carnatic (South Indian Music). The two forms are developed independently in parallel, although several concepts are being borrowed from each […]

Awards and Recognition for Students of Anu-Rag School of Music

  2017 Performances Shivanjali by Abhinaya: Kathak Tarana-March. Ugadi-Columbia: Vocal Hindustani and Kathak Dance-April. Lecture-Demonstrations on Kathak at a) Ladoo, b) Francis-Howell, c) Melhville, and Commerce Bank Asian Meet. Nritya Aur Saandhya Geeth: Kathak Dance by Guru Prerana Deshpande with Live Vocal Music by Guru Sandhya Pandurangi. May. Bollywood Blast: Local Talent Series in Film […]

The Connection between Hindustani and Western Music

Amoolya Raghu Pandurangi; Help: Dr. Raghu Pandurangi Hindustani music has been in India for nearly 3,000 years while, western music also exists more than 1,500 years. As these two styles of music have been there for a long time, is there a possibility of common grounds between them? This article addresses two aspects: Rhythm and […]

Hindustani Music and Kathak Dance: A Visual Poetry

Hindustani Music is the north Indian style of Indian classical music originated from Vedic ritual chants. Kathak is one of the prominent eight forms of Indian Classical dances. The word Kathak derives from the Samskrita language “Katthyaka” meaning story teller. “Katha Kahe Kathak” is the normal slogan passed by teachers to students from centuries. Hindustani […]