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Harmony Unleashed Elevate Your Soul with Our Diverse Music Programs

CCC - Children by Children for Children

This program identifies children in the age 12-23 who are capable of giving semi-professional or professional performances. Anu-Rag will assemble a correct team of performers of both Indian and Americans and provide a platform for their performances. Anu-Rag will connect all talented children to assimilate ideas and present them in novel new forms with accompanied professional musicians.

East Marries West: Building the Bridge

This program brings professional musicians of high caliber in Indian Classical Music and Western Music to join hands and perform together.The commonalities and differential characteristics of both forms of Music will be demonstrated using variety of instruments.

Music Therapy

This program is at its infancy based on the clinical reports on how Music can be instrumental in bringing down anxiety, enhance peace of mind and reduce the stress. Currently, Anu-Rag School of Music demonstrates the feasibility of concept on cancer patients in collaboration with Cancer Care Community, St Louis. The testimony by patients is positive for us to expand the program, primarily to relieve stress and make them feel important through Music